The networking subsystem is not an essential component of an operating system kernel (the Linux kernel can be compiled without networking support). It is, however, quite unlikely for a computing system (or even an embedded device) to have a non-networked operating system due to the need for connectivity.

Userspace Networking with DPDK | Linux Journal Rami Rosen is a Linux kernel and virtualization expert, the author of Linux Kernel Networking—Implementation and Theory, Apress, 648 pages, 2013.He works as a Technical Leader for Intel Corporation. You can find presentations, articles and more on his homepage. Linux Tune Network Stack (Buffers Size) To Increase Jul 08, 2009

Jul 08, 2009 · By default the Linux network stack is not configured for high speed large file transfer across WAN links. This is done to save memory resources. You can easily tune Linux network stack by increasing network buffers size for high-speed networks that connect server systems to handle more network packets.

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Diving into the Linux Networking Stack, Part I | Beyond

Linux Kernel Networking 作者 : Rami Rosen 出版社: Apress 副标题: Implementation and Theory 出版年: 2013-12-22 页数: 648 定价: USD 59.99 装帧: Paperback ISBN: 9781430261964 Understanding Linux Network Internals: Guided Tour to Jan 08, 2006