Dec 06, 2017 How to Delete Network Settings on the PS3 | Our Pastimes To do this, select “Settings,” “Network Settings,” “Internet Connection,” then “Internet Connection Settings” from the PS3 menu in successive order. Then follow the on-screen instructions to configure new network settings. If your goal is to clear the PS3’s network settings altogether, you have to perform a … PS3™ | Settings Sony Computer Entertainment PS3™ Official Online Instruction Manual. Explains how to use the PS3™ system software. How to Reset the Default Settings of PS3: 6 Steps (with

You might try swapping the bluetooth + wifi board with that from the 20GB PS3, which has bluetooth but not wifi. I don't know if the 60GB PS3 will function without it, however. Of course, you could just swap the entire PS3 for a 20GB unit, and you'd be set. Bluetooth is required for the controllers to work.

Press the “X” button on your PS3 controller to log in to your console. Highlight your user name in the “Users” menu of the PS3's XMB home bar. Press the “Triangle” button on your PS3 controller to open the available options. Scroll down to “Information” and press the “X” button on your PS3 controller. Unable to Connect a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) to a Wireless Nov 28, 2016

This setting is available only on PS3™ systems that are equipped with the wireless LAN feature. Set the method for connecting the system to the Internet. Internet connection settings vary depending on the network environment and the devices in use. The following procedure describes a typical setup when connecting to the Internet wirelessly.

Connect PS3 to WiFi | CenturyLink Internet Help Edit the key by using the"X" button on your controller. Enter the key, then push the "Start" button on your controller to continue. The key is the same as the Key/Passphrase listed on the bottom of the modem. Find the passphrase on your modem. If your password is … How to Connect PS3 to WiFi With Simple Steps | 100% Working