Type admin in the username box and motorola in the password box. Click Image to Enlarge. You will not be on the Home Page of the Modem Gateway. Click Image to Enlarge. Click on the Advanced button on the top right of the page to go to advanced settings. Once in advanced settings, click on Advanced Router > Options. Click Image to Enlarge

Find great deals on eBay for motorola sbg6580 and motorola sbg6580 docsis 3.0 wireless cable modem. Shop with confidence. The default IP address of the Motorola SBG6580 is set to: Once you have entered the router's IP Address, simply click the Enter button on the keyboard. You should see the following screen: Enter the router's Username and Password in the appropriate boxes. The Default Motorola SBG6580 Router Username is: admin 5 settings to change on your new router. Here are five basic settings to look at when configuring a Wi-Fi network router. Re: Changing MTU settings on Motorola SBG6580 via wi-fi 2017-09-12, 1:59 AM As I placed in the subject of my post, it is about changing the MTU setting on a Motorola SBG6580 modem. Dec 23, 2011 · Those settings determine what internet IP's can acess your LAN from the internet and what ports they can use. Withe them turned off, almost any internet source can access your router (modem). If you have a setup with separate modem and router, and the router is the only thing connected to the modem, then turning the firewall and NAT off on one Jun 10, 2016 · The Motorola SB6141 is purely a cable modem whilst the Motorola SBG6580 is both a cable modem as well as a wireless router; also commonly referred to as a gateway. It may be just a piece of cake for a geek but for many consumers out there including many of my friends, it can be very confusing to decide which of these two Motorola gadgets better I purchase the Arris - SURFboard High-Speed Broadband Cable Modem and Wi-Fi Router,I registered my product from Comcast Xfinity, Activated and it was ready to go,It's faster than the Motorola SBG6580 cable modem router I bought two year,I pass it along to my mom,I have to say it's very fast no complaints at all,Wi-Fi is extremely fast that's

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There are two versions of the SBG6580 available. The Arris N300 is a Dual Band Switched WiFi modem. The Motorola N600 is a Dual Band WiFi modem. 8x4 channel bonding with speeds of up to 150 Mbps on a wired connection. Cox recommends a DOCSIS 3.0 16x4 or higher device for optimal Internet performance. Highest Service Level. Preferred 150 Before returning this product to the store for technical reasons, please call Motorola Broadband Technical Support at: 1-877-466-8646 To configure additional settings on your SBG6580: Nov 22, 2019 · Arris routers (often co-branded with Motorola) such as Surf Boards are typically distributed from Internet providers. Many of these routers have been modified such that their DNS settings cannot be modified which would make them not be able to be configured for OpenDNS. Aug 15, 2011 · I have a Motorola SBG6580 wireless gateway/router and am happy with it in general. I had a 192.168.2.n subnet with old Linksys but I find that I cannot change the MOT from its pre-set 192.168.0.n net to the ..2.net because it conflicts with a "private LAN" in the same range.

Nov 24, 2011 · Hi, I had problems with my ATT U-verse supplied Motorola NVG510, after searching for a fix online, I ended up choosing the easiest one and I has worked for me. As you may know, the problem is with the wi-fi part only. I fixed it by changing the wireless channel from "AUTOMATIC" to channel 5, save or apply settings and that is it.

Forum discussion: Does anyone know how to setup MOTOROLA SBG6580 on optimum online, I got this modem for dirt cheap and was wondering if I am able to use the wireless which is built in it and all Monitor and Manage by Mobile. Compatible with: SBG10, SBG6950AC2, SBG7400AC2, SBG7580-AC, SBG7600 and SBG8300. The ARRIS SURFboard Manager App is a simple way to manage your home Wi-Fi network from the convenience of your mobile device! Make sure that uPNP is enabled on the SBG6580 and go into the Wi-Fi section and scan for other networks nearby and make sure that you are using a Wi-Fi channel that isn't too crowded. The best channels are 1, 6, and 11 as they don't overlap with each other. Jun 26, 2019 · I have Motorola SBG6580 MODEM and I am trying to connect it to my a router I purchase on Amazon and also I tried to register it and the website said somebody else has register the router already so I can't register it and I can't get it connect to the internet of the modem but I am connect to the internet/wireless internet of the Motorola. Jul 12, 2017 · With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can access the diagnostic page and what to do with the information you find therein. For demonstration purposes, we will be using the using the diagnostic interface of the incredibly common Motorola/Arris Surfboard 6141 broadband cable modem, but the general layout will be similar across modems. Motorola SBG6580 is one of the approved cable modems. It is a good modem that has WiFi capabilities. Power Cycle. If you have worked with computers, you probably have heard of the basic troubleshooting tip that someone has given to you. If you have an issue, reboot your computer. By default the Motorola Arris SBG6580 router has an IP address of: After typing the IP address into the address bar, just press the Enter key and you should be shown the following page: This page gives you a place to enter the username and password for your router. The Default Motorola SBG6580 Router Username is: admin