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A reasonable piece length (approx. 1024 pieces) will automatically be selected for the .torrent file, or you can override it if you want a different size (See API docs below). api createTorrent(input, [opts], function callback (err, torrent) {}) Create a new .torrent file. input can be any of the following: making_torrents_with_bitcomet [BitComet Wiki] Aug 15, 2015 How to Share Your Own Files Using BitTorrent To create your own torrent, you'll need a basic torrent client to get started off on the right path. Windows is primarily dominated by torrent program uTorrent , while Mac users will find that

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Nov 01, 2010 · Click on “bt.enable_tracker” and change the value to True. Then, click OK and restart uTorrent for the changes to take effect. Creating a Private Torrent. Now that everything is configured and we have all of the important information, let’s create a new private torrent. Go to File > Create New Torrent.

Now you need to create the .torrent file that your clients need to be able to download the files. First you need to open your uTorrent client on the computer you configured in step 2 or 3. Then go to the Preferences and go to Connections. Jul 09, 2012 · The Create a Torrent Wizard will appear. Options available: Use Azureus Embedded Tracker: Enable this if you wish to seed this torrent from your own tracker. Disable this by selecting Use External Tracker if you want the torrent hosted from other tracker or trackers.