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Absentee Voting Information for U.S. Citizens Abroad Most U.S. citizens 18 years or older who reside outside the United States are eligible to vote absentee for federal office candidates in U.S. primary and general elections. In addition, some states allow overseas citizens to vote for state and local office candidates and referendums. For information about your state, see the Voting Assistance Guide. Veterans Living Overseas Sep 07, 2017

There are no exact figures on how many Americans live abroad. In 1999, a State Department estimate suggested that the number may be between 3 million and 6 million. In 2016, the agency estimated 9 million U.S. citizens were living abroad. However, these numbers are highly open to dispute as they often are unverified and can change rapidly.

Overseas American Citizens: When You Need to File a Tax Every year, scores of American citizens who think they are exempt from the obligation to pay up to the IRS because they are living outside the U.S. are met with a cruel reality: U.S. tax law continues to apply to them, and unwelcome consequences may await those who fail to comply. So You Wanna Live Abroad? Here’s How Taxes Work

Do I Have to Pay Taxes as an American Living Abroad?

When to Enroll in Medicare if You Live Outside the United For people who live abroad, the rules for Part D enrollment are utterly different from those for Part B. You don’t need to enroll while living overseas because, officials say, you can’t use Part D services outside the United States. (Hello? Isn’t that the case with Part B services as well? Oh, well . . . .) Medicare coverage when living abroad - Medicare Interactive